About Me


I work from home in a small house in Brighton. In fact, everything I do is pretty small.

  • I like to keep my business small because I want to keep the quality high and the communication tight.
  • I work mostly with small businesses, startups and individuals because I value close working relationships and informal processes.
  • I keep projects small, to suit small budgets. If a project is huge, I like to break it into smaller manageable segments so that we don’t forget the little things when worrying about the big things.

My Beliefs

I want to make long-lasting quality stuff that is expressive, inventive, accessible and, above-all, useful. I try to have relationships with my clients where I can show I value their business by being supportive, responsive and dependable. I want people to recommend me to their friends, and I know that they will only do that if I work my hardest and do my best.

My Inspiration

Passionate people inspire me most. If you’re really excited by what you do, I find it totally infectious.

I’m a very enthusiastic person and it tends to come across in my work. I don’t shy away from bright colours, unusual fonts or bold illustrations. This really sums up my attitude towards design and the web, I love exploring new and upcoming techniques and ideas, I’m far more easily excited than I am scared.

How I’m different from the rest (well, the baddies)

  1. I know what I’m talking about and if I don’t, I’ll be honest and tell you so.
  2. I will always try to find a solution I think will work best for you, not the one that makes me the most money.
  3. I work hard and try to exceed your expectations.

If you want to know about my education or see some endorsements, my Zerply profile is the best place to visit.