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Accessibility For Everyone

After three years of work, I can finally tell you that I’ve written a book for A Book Apart about web accessibility called Accessibility For Everyone. In case you’ve not heard of web accessibility (you wouldn’t be the first!), web accessibility is the degree to which a website is usable by as many people as… Read more

Diary, 21st March 2016

It’s been a busy few weeks. Ethical Design Manifesto refresh Last week we launched a refresh of the Ethical Design Manifesto, along with a video. As it was a short-ish video, I felt like I had no excuse but to do the captioning for it too. I couldn’t get Subtitle Horse (my usual favourite web… Read more

Accessibility By Design

On Thursday morning I gave a talk online for Inclusive Design 24, a free 24-hour event celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD.) I wanted to share my talk in a more readable way, so here it is: In the last two years, I’ve given eleven accessibility-related talks, almost entirely on an introductory level. I want to go into a… Read more

What do web experts think of BBC Taster?

In the spirit of catching up on slightly older news, in January I was part of a panel commenting on BBC Taster on Creative Bloq. Looking through, I liked the content and the concept interested me, but there were implications for accessibility that concerned me. Overall, I came across as a lot more cynical that… Read more

Speaking at the Sherpa Summit

Last October, Web Standards Sherpa published my mini series on Getting Started With Sass. It was a whole new experience as I’d never written a technical tutorial as in-depth as this, let alone doing so with a proper editor and technical editor. Web Standards Sherpa is like that; all about the quality. So it was… Read more

Do your skip links work with keyboard navigation?

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of research in web accessibility, and it’s lead me to testing web pages more thoroughly. I’ve been testing keyboard-only navigation a lot. Keyboard-only input is how most screen reader users interact with the web, as well as many alternative input and mouse-less users. This afternoon I was testing a new… Read more

Speaking at Web Day at Bath Digital Festival

I’m speaking at Web Day at Bath Digital Festival on the 28th of October. Bath is great, I went to university there, and it’s full of lovely people. I’m looking forward to going back and giving a talk about accessibility. Tickets are a very reasonable £15, and it looks like it’ll be a very interesting… Read more

Why accessibility matters to me #GAAD

The reason I fell in love with the web was the democratisation of information. I love that so many people can access, learn, and share such a huge variety of resources. That’s why I’ve always considered accessibility so important. To me, access for all is an essential part of the nature of the web. How I learned… Read more