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Diary, 29th June 2016

It’s not even been a week since 51.9% UK citizens voted to leave the EU, and it’s already a mess for any business operating from, or with, British Pounds. I’ve spent today working through our finances to see how best for us to proceed in terms of currencies and bank accounts. Despite living in Sweden,… Read more

Diary, 13th June 2016

Time rolls by and it’s about time I did another diary entry. I’m going to try to get Aral and me to write more frequently now what we’re working on (Better) is out in the open. (No more talk of the hush-hush project! ;-) Since the launch of Better, we’ve been keeping development going, whilst… Read more

Diary, 22nd April 2016

Always busy here! Aral and I have been doing a good job of getting out to events in our new home city of Malmö. Last week we went to see A Good American at DocLounge, and this week we’ve been to a few events right here in Media Evolution City. We’re really lucky to have an amazing… Read more

Diary, 29th March 2016

Back in the office today and we’re working hard and getting a lot done. We can’t wait to share what we’re working on with you all. (Soon, I promise!) Friday and today, I’ve been getting our Labs and in tip-top shape. Now with our own logo in the corner, it feels more like home, and Aral has added… Read more

Diary, 21st March 2016

It’s been a busy few weeks. Ethical Design Manifesto refresh Last week we launched a refresh of the Ethical Design Manifesto, along with a video. As it was a short-ish video, I felt like I had no excuse but to do the captioning for it too. I couldn’t get Subtitle Horse (my usual favourite web… Read more

Diary, 1st March 2016

Well… we’re here! In Malmö, sitting in our new office at Media Evolution City. It’s been a busy and exhausting week. Oskar and I made our 800 mile trip in one day, thanks to the wonderful “courier” and took another day to recover. Then it was straight into the office. The last week has been… Read more

Diary, 16th February 2016

It’s nearly time! We’re moving to Sweden next Tuesday, and it’s currently at equal parts exciting and stressful. The storage locker in Brighton is almost empty, and we’ve stashed all our sentimental stuff—the things you want to keep, but probably aren’t worth putting in a suitcase to a foreign land—at my family’s house. We’re only… Read more

Diary, 5th February 2016

Note: I’ve been writing diary entries on the forum for a while now. I’ve decided to start sharing these on my site now too, as I’ve not been posting much else! (They have bonus dog photos.) I’ve been meaning to write a diary entry for ages, and 8am on a Friday morning is the… Read more

Windows To Your Soul

In this week’s roundup, I wrote about privacy, politics, tracking, Timelines, and a little thing called “corporate nullification.”

Tethered Beings

This week the roundup returns with a big one. Great news on the UK surveillance legislation front, and lots of corporation news. Read the roundup: Tethered Beings.

Farewell Caspar

We didn’t have an roundup the previous week because we were moving, though Aral wrote a quick update on what’s happening with our move. Last week we were roundup-less again, as we heard the sad news that Caspar Bowden had died. We decided that, instead of the usual roundup, we’d take a look at Caspar’s privacy advocacy in tribute… Read more

The Destiny Machine

Last Friday’s roundup was back to business as usual, after a couple of weeks of re:publica-related work. We’ve got the latest in the world of Spyware 2.0, and some fun ways that people are challenging the system.

Europe fights back

Last Friday’s roundup had more on corporate surveillance, a couple of great videos with Edward Snowden, and Europe fighting back against Google and Facebook. It took me a long time to pull it all together. I’m going to have to start writing my Friday roundups on Thursday! If you know of any interesting or… Read more

My Friday Roundup for

Every Friday I write a roundup of great links we at have seen over the last week. I’m not going to lie, it’s a lot of fun. I finally have an excuse to sit and properly read articles that are related to independence, privacy, human rights, democracy, diversity and more. I feel more well-informed as… Read more

The Illusion Of Free on A List Apart

Last week, my column on The Illusion Of Free was published on A List Apart. I took a lot of time writing it, as I think it’s an incredibly important issue, and it reflects my thinking around As ever, a massive thank you to the wonderful editor Rose Weisburd who helped me round things out,… Read more

Unfinished Business 97: Made in Scotland from girders

This week’s episode of Unfinished Business was great fun to record. Both Ashley Baxter and I were Andy’s guests, and we talked about unhealthy food, being a podcast guest, Christmas decorations, and everything that’s in store for the three of us over the next year.

What I’m doing now and why

I’d been a freelance web designer/developer full-time, working for myself, for six years. I love working with clients, and working with small businesses is a very sustainable business model. You can make a big difference to a small business. You can get paid fairly well. And you can forge long-term relationships with people whose businesses… Read more

Breaking Stuff on A List Apart

Last week my latest column, Breaking Stuff, was published on A List Apart. I’m in a strange transitional period, moving from client work to fulltime at, so I think I’ll be writing more about situations like these as time goes on. I’ve also finally updated that terrible avatar to something much better. I look… Read more Project Stratosphere announcement

After a few months of being pretty quiet, and working towards our crowdfunding campaign, we’re finally able to reveal some big stuff about We’re not just designing a phone. A crowdfunding campaign for a phone that you’ll get in two years is not a risk worth taking. We need to build a network and… Read more