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Photography on manual: 10 – Miscellaneous

The last few days have brought a very miscellaneous collection of photos. The next photo is part of our overlaying exercise set by Ashley. I did it in post-processing, before I discovered that my camera has a multiple exposure setting. It’s pretty cheesy, but an okay first try.

Photography on manual: 9 – Oskar in the grey

This week we’ve been looking more at natural light, and portraits with foreground detail. I took my trusty (actually incredibly unreliable) model, Oskar, out for a walk and hounded him with the camera. It was a very grey day, but with a lot of light.

Photography on manual: 6 – Walk

When I started doing this course, I knew I’d probably end up with a lot of dog walking photos. Oskar and I are out every day, and so there’s lots of photo opportunities. After exploring the self-timer in my last photo, I thought I’d try it again. Dog photos are obviously great, but I wanted… Read more

Photography on manual: 5 – Levitation

Another photo post so soon? Yes! It’s the weekend, and Ashley gave us a really cool new exercise to try levitation, so I thought I had to try it.

Photography on manual: 4 – Post-processing

On my last day in Berlin, I took a lot more photos. Last night I started post-processing them, following Ashley’s email and video tutorials. Post-processing is an area where I have more experience, I’ve done a lot of Photoshopping in the past, but now I’m trying to achieve new effects using Lightroom, which is a… Read more

Photography on manual: 1

I’ve had a DSLR for nearly a year now. And I still only ever use it on the Auto modes. I studied photography (with film cameras) during my Art Foundation course ~10 years ago, but I think any decent photos were mostly luck, and I can’t remember much of it. So when Ashley set up… Read more

Breaking Stuff on A List Apart

Last week my latest column, Breaking Stuff, was published on A List Apart. I’m in a strange transitional period, moving from client work to fulltime at, so I think I’ll be writing more about situations like these as time goes on. I’ve also finally updated that terrible avatar to something much better. I look… Read more

Inspiration on A List Apart

Last week my column on Inspiration was published on A List Apart. It follows roughly the same structure as the talk I gave at Design + Banter a few weeks ago.

Industry mentoring on Creative Bloq

Craig Grannell has written a fantastic article on Creative Bloq about mentoring, looking at loads of different ways the web industry can do mentoring well. Including interviews with Clare Sutcliffe, Greg Hoy, Jeffery Zeldman, Andy Budd, Josh Emerson, Andy Budd, Anna Debenham and me! It’s well-worth a read if you want to mentor somebody, or… Read more

Design theory for the web, a workshop

Here’s a slightly scary thing: I’m doing my first solo workshop on the 11th October 2013 in Barnsley. I often get asked about the best way to “learn design”, and I usually say that you learn by doing and you learn by watching how others do it. In this workshop, I want to give new… Read more

Podcast interview with Jonathan Kahn

Ahead of speaking at Dare conference this September, I was interviewed by Jonathan Kahn, one of Dare’s organisers, about being honest, client relationships and mentoring in the web industry. It was lovely chatting to Jonathan, and his podcast also has a proper transcript if you’re more of a reading person than a listening person :)… Read more

Sass for designers — the talk and the case study

Yesterday I gave a talk at the fantastic online conference CSS Summit on ‘Sass for designers’. It uses my new site Web Talk Dog Walk as a case study, and explains the basics of Sass and how to get started using CodeKit. Usually I wouldn’t recommend checking out my slides, as they’re useless without me… Read more

Mentoring Q and A on .net magazine

After finishing the mentoring project last week, I had a chat with Craig Grannell about mentoring which he published on the .net website: “Laura Kalbag: web designers should mentor newcomers.” It’s a good summary of the mentoring project and has extracts from a couple of testimonials by Sibylle and Phil.

Mentoring: the evaluation

Previous posts on the mentoring project: Mentoring a project: the idea Mentoring a project: the right project Mentoring a project: finding the right people Mentoring a project: the project Mentoring a project: contract and kicking off It’s been four months since we started the mentoring project and now it’s drawing to a close. It’s been… Read more

Mentoring a project: contract and kicking off

Previous posts on the mentoring project: Mentoring a project: the idea Mentoring a project: the right project Mentoring a project: finding the right people Mentoring a project: the project It’s been far too long since I wrote about the mentoring project. I’ve been incredibly busy and really needed to dedicate more time to make it… Read more

Learning to speak

Just over a year ago, I was in a country I’d never visited, about to give two talks I’d never given before to two large, paying audiences in the space of three days at Future Insights Live. I had only given a couple of talks to small audiences before. It was one of the scariest… Read more

Mentoring a project: the project

Previous posts on the mentoring project: Mentoring a project: the idea Mentoring a project: the right project Mentoring a project: finding the right people In the previous posts, I mentioned that I was going to explain the details of the project later on. This was because I didn’t want to get bogged down by the… Read more

Nothing to display podcast

Last week I had a lovely chat with El for her Nothing To Display podcast. We talked about technology and how people get started with technology, accessibility, mentoring and dystopian futures! It was a real treat.

Mentoring a project: finding the right people

We’ve got a project! I’ll elaborate on the details of the project in a future post, but the importance of having a project was that it’s allowed me to choose the designers/developers who could get something out of being mentees. I didn’t want to do this before securing the right project as I needed to… Read more

Mentoring a project: the right project

This post is an update on my mentoring project idea. Finding the right project If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen that I’m now looking for a different project to work on. Whilst the previous project I had in mind would have been great fun, the client had a very tight deadline.… Read more

Mentoring a project: the idea

A couple of days ago, a potential project turned up in my inbox. An old school friend wants a website, needs it soon and doesn’t have a huge budget. Me and freelancing I’m lucky, I get offered a lot of projects, and usually I don’t have any availability for a few months. Little projects like… Read more

New To Design

Following my learning design post, I’ve started a little project called “new to design.” At the moment it just consists of a learn-design tag on my Pinboard bookmarks and a Twitter account @newtodesign so that I can share useful design resources (especially for those new to design.) In the future, I hope it can be… Read more

Learning Design

Every now and again someone will email me asking how they should go about learning design. After reading Aral Balkan’s fantastic post on how design is not veneer, a few developers also expressed frustration at there not being many resources telling you how to get started with design. So I thought I’d post a few… Read more

We read with our own contexts

Oh Twitter. Yesterday was another day where I accidentally incited another riot with a poorly-worded tweet. Nobody is perfect, but it’s starting to happen with alarming frequency, and I wanted to understand why I keep doing this. The ever-present ego We read everything through our own ego filter. It’s how we apply new knowledge to… Read more

Bardowl: The Big One

For the last few years, I’ve been working with a great team of people on our iPhone app, Bardowl, an app for streaming unlimited audiobooks for £9.99 a month (think Spotify but for audiobooks.) It’s not been a quick and easy. Getting publishers to come round to the idea, and securing good audiobooks, has been… Read more

CreativeJS for non-coders workshop with Seb Lee-Delisle

Programming block I’m a bit scared of JavaScript. Since I started learning front-end development about seven years ago, I’ve pretty much stayed away from it. That aside from some pretty dodgy jQuery where I can usually bodge something together but would never rely on it. I’ve always said it’s because I wanted to be really… Read more