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Grid Frameworks and why I’m not keen on them…

I’ve written a post for 12 Devs of Xmas on Grid Frameworks. After spending months whining about grid frameworks, and Bootstrap, I’ve finally backed up my tweet-sized complaints with some context and examples. I knew it would be contentious and that some people would feel antagonised by my saying that developers who don’t consider… Read more

Sass for Designers — The Setup

As an accompaniment to my post on Sass for Designers (why and how you should use Sass) I thought I’d better include a quick writeup on my setup for working with Sass in the hope that it’ll help you get started. I’m afraid I work on a OS X, so my instructions will only be… Read more

Sass for Designers

Despite saying that I wanted to avoid writing post about development, I wanted to write something about Sass. Excuse me, what is Sass? Sass is a CSS pre-processing language; it’s a slightly different way of writing CSS which can then be processed by a tool that spits out fully-working CSS. It’s like a kind of… Read more

display: none;

Or The things you think are common knowledge but really they aren’t. I was on the ShopTalk show a few weeks ago, and a few people have asked me what I meant when I said “display: none; naughties.” I foolishly thought that people would understand what I meant, (and I’ll come to that later) so I… Read more