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My 2015

I’m not even sure how to write about 2015… 2015 can die in a fire, go away and never come back. My mother died in August, three months after her mother, my grandmother, died in April. Missing them both has really done me over. Grieving is not what I expected, it just makes everything exhausting.… Read more

A realign for 2015

Almost a year after last year’s realign, I’ve made some more tweaks to my site. There were a few reasons behind it: I’m not freelance anymore, so I don’t need the focus on my portfolio As I’m now working with, I needed to update my about page The navigation needed some accessibility work The… Read more

My 2014

Well, things didn’t slow down in 2014! So much so that I didn’t manage to write this post yesterday. In 2014 I spoke at 8 events in 4 countries, and worked with 11 clients on 15 projects before starting work full time with in August. I wrote a lot more, with regular slots on… Read more

Becoming part of Indie Phone

There’s some big changes around here. As of Monday, I am now working with Indie Phone for 50% of my working time. What is Indie Phone? Indie Phone is a huge, and very ambitious, project. We’re building a smart phone that allows you to own your own data. The majority of companies on the web… Read more

A little realign

Things are looking a bit different around here. It’s not a redesign so much as a realign. I’ve been tinkering for a few months, and finally got to the point where I’m happy to push it live (even though there’s more I could do.) There were a few particular goals for this redesign: Rewrite the… Read more

My 2013

My 2013 has been another big year. Oskar and I moved down to Brighton to live with Aral, I spoke at 13 events in 3 countries and worked with 13 clients on 20 projects. 2013 was the year of the podcast and I was a guest on 12 podcasts, most frequently with the lovely Andy… Read more

A List Apart column and first post on Good Designers, Good Clients

This week the first post was published on my A List Apart column. It’s a very exciting thing for me. I’ve been reading A List Apart since I started learning about the web and loads of people I admire have written there. It’s good fun and a proper challenge having an editor working with me. I’ve… Read more

My 2012

2012 has been a massive year for me. It was a year of saying yes to things that scared me. It was the first time I spoke at a conference (and I went on to speak at a further seven events.) I found the first house I’ve lived in by myself. I travelled to as… Read more

Really, a redesign? This can’t be real…

It’s about time… So finally I’ve redesigned my website. It’s been about three and a half years since the last version of (still around at and that’s a site I designed before I finished university, before I even started freelancing full time. To be fair, it took a while for me to hate… Read more

Year One

It’s been a whole year since I officially started working as a freelance designer last August. I graduated from uni, had a brief fling with some full-time remote working, had an awkward interview with a recruiter and then decided that I’d rather give it a go by myself. Getting Started I felt pretty ready for freelancing… Read more


Well, I’ve got a blog. This is not a promise, but I will attempt to post some stuff focussing on quality over quantity. I’m thinking some of the more useful resources I come across; probably lots on WordPress, maybe a bit on mobile design, I’ve got a rant about HTML brewing somewhere too. I apologise… Read more