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Last night I had a dream, or maybe a nightmare. I was in a ballet class in a church hall, learning all kinds of complicated and not-really-ballet dance sequences. The class was busy, we were all in clumsy rows. We were a diverse group of dancers in our everyday clothes. It was the same church hall… Read more

Diary, 21st March 2016

It’s been a busy few weeks. Ethical Design Manifesto refresh Last week we launched a refresh of the Ethical Design Manifesto, along with a video. As it was a short-ish video, I felt like I had no excuse but to do the captioning for it too. I couldn’t get Subtitle Horse (my usual favourite web… Read more

Diary, 1st March 2016

Well… we’re here! In Malmö, sitting in our new office at Media Evolution City. It’s been a busy and exhausting week. Oskar and I made our 800 mile trip in one day, thanks to the wonderful “courier” and took another day to recover. Then it was straight into the office. The last week has been… Read more

Diary, 16th February 2016

It’s nearly time! We’re moving to Sweden next Tuesday, and it’s currently at equal parts exciting and stressful. The storage locker in Brighton is almost empty, and we’ve stashed all our sentimental stuff—the things you want to keep, but probably aren’t worth putting in a suitcase to a foreign land—at my family’s house. We’re only… Read more

Diary, 5th February 2016

Note: I’ve been writing diary entries on the forum for a while now. I’ve decided to start sharing these on my site now too, as I’ve not been posting much else! (They have bonus dog photos.) I’ve been meaning to write a diary entry for ages, and 8am on a Friday morning is the… Read more

Office Furniture (and other nice things) for sale

So we’re finally moving to Sweden at the end of the month. You might remember that we sold a lot of our stuff last summer when we left Brighton. We kept a lot of good stuff, thinking we’d relocate it with us. But now we’re moving to a small apartment in Malmö, and a beautiful… Read more

Book Bundles for Sale

3rd July: NEW BOOKS ADDED! We’re moving. And because we’re moving abroad, we’re getting rid of all of our stuff. Just take me to the books already Aral and I have a lot of books between us. We’re sad to lose them. Many have been gifts from friends, written by people we know, and helped… Read more

For Sale: Mid 2013 MacBook Air

In October, I found myself doing a lot more in Terminal than I’d done before, and I needed a computer with a faster processor, so I upgraded to a MacBook Pro. This means that my pimped-out Mid 2013 MacBook Air that I bought in December 2013 is now for sale. It’s in nearly-new condition, as it’s been kept… Read more

Unfinished Business 97: Made in Scotland from girders

This week’s episode of Unfinished Business was great fun to record. Both Ashley Baxter and I were Andy’s guests, and we talked about unhealthy food, being a podcast guest, Christmas decorations, and everything that’s in store for the three of us over the next year.

Unfinished Business 89: Burger in donut

Last week’s episode of Unfinished Business was a very different discussion from the usual. Andy and I talked about his fantastic idea for Geek Mental Help week (October 27th onwards) and how so many people in our industry are affected by mental health issues. I’ll definitely be writing a post for Geek Mental Help Week,… Read more

5 reasons why you should get an office dog

Last week I wrote my Pastry Box thought on 5 reasons why you should get an office dog. It’s not just silly photos of Oskar, but actually five reasons why having Oskar for company has helped keep me sane. Through living and working by myself, to living and working with other people, he’s still incredibly… Read more

Give and Tell Challenge

When Andy Clarke challenged me to the “Give and Tell Challenge”, I was very happy to comply. Dan James, inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, came up with the challenge: You donate to a cause, or causes, that have meaning to you and you say why. You then challenge 3 other people to do… Read more

Workplaces of Web Professionals

This morning Martin Wolf published an interesting blog post with photos of the “workplaces of web professionals”. I always wonder if people really are that tidy, or if they spent a while clearing up before they took the photo. The featured photo of my workplace (in our home office) shows the fairly typical mess on… Read more Playlist

A few weeks ago I was asked to create a playlist of ten songs for Nate, Bobby and Jamie sent me an email with the premise: Our idea is to to add value to digital playlists through personal stories and inspirational music. We’re totally genre agnostic and we don’t judge (honest!), we can find… Read more

And I accidentally became a control freak…

Following on from my post yesterday about working with Indie Phone for 50% of my time, my thought on the Pastry Box today is about how I accidentally became a control freak. It’s hard to admit the flaws you find in yourself, but I’m so determined to do a good job that I think it’s… Read more

Becoming part of Indie Phone

There’s some big changes around here. As of Monday, I am now working with Indie Phone for 50% of my working time. What is Indie Phone? Indie Phone is a huge, and very ambitious, project. We’re building a smart phone that allows you to own your own data. The majority of companies on the web… Read more

April’s Pastry Box thought on writing

I was slow to post about my April Pastry Box post as my realign got in the way. It was really a little insecure thought about how my writing and thinking is improving, but I’m finding it hard.

Writing on The Pastry Box and my first post on ethics

Today is the day my first “thought” of the year is published on The Pastry Box. When Alex asked me if I wanted to be a part of The Pastry Box project, I leapt at the chance. There are some fantastic people who have contributed such interesting thoughts and ideas over there in the last… Read more

Interviewed by The Learning People

The Learning People have posted an interview they did with me about women in the technology sector, working for myself, and what inspires me.

I also pledge to be better

This post was inspired by Faruk’s great post “I Pledge To Be Better (And I Hope You Do Too)” where he speaks about the continuing problems with discrimination and lack of diversity in tech, and how more people should speak up about these issues. Faruk rightly says we all have the power and responsibility to make… Read more

No more Red Bull

Using a Fitbit over the last year and a half has taught me that making your habits more visible in public makes you more likely to work harder. When you’re giving up a bad habit, often there’s not much stopping us from slipping back into the bad habits. So I am writing here, on Tuesday… Read more

Speaking at Dare conference

I’m speaking as a ‘Breakout’ speaker at Dare conference in September. As soon as I saw the rumblings of this conference, I knew it was an event I wanted to attend. It’s focusing on risk, vulnerability, communication and trying to make the world a better place. Then I realised that I actually had an idea… Read more

Ladies In Tech

A while ago, Jeremy Keith introduced me to, suggesting that it might be something that’d interest me. After having a chat with the lovely Jenn Lukas over email, I had a story that I wanted to share about my adventures in speaking, and Jenn has now helped me share it on the site. This… Read more


Burnout. Spending hours just staring into space when you’re supposed to be doing work, when you want to be doing work. Feeling foggy-headed and grey the whole time when you usually feel eager and excitable. Menial tasks are just about manageable, but anything requiring careful consideration or creative thinking feels impossible. I sleep but I… Read more

Women and conferences

I used to not understand the fuss around women at conferences, I thought that we should all just carry on with what we were doing well already and not get caught up in needless controversy. I even wrote a blog post saying exactly that a couple of years ago. I’d never experienced (to my knowledge)… Read more

A loveletter

Note: I wrote this a while ago when I was thinking about the things that made me want to work on the web. Of course, it’s not exclusively women that inspire me, but as a girl who continually questions the value she is bringing to a project, I often find the women of the web… Read more