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Workplaces of Web Professionals

This morning Martin Wolf published an interesting blog post with photos of the “workplaces of web professionals”. I always wonder if people really are that tidy, or if they spent a while clearing up before they took the photo. The featured photo of my workplace (in our home office) shows the fairly typical mess on… Read more

Interview on Workspiration

A few weeks ago I answered some questions for Workspiration on my hardware and software setup, inspiration and dreams. Workspiration seems to have collected interviews from a huge variety of people working in and around tech, and with everybody answering the same questions, it makes for a really interesting read. Bonus is that they also… Read more mockup fonts

I do like the way that do web fonts. (I also like all of the web font services for different reasons and different projects.) Mockup fonts have this new system that really works. It involves an app called SkyFonts. This allows you to try out different fonts in your desktop mockups as rentals.… Read more

Alfred App v2 theme

Today I finally got around to playing with Alfred v2. This is the one OSX app I’ll allow to open on login, I use it to launch every app and find every file. I use it to work out maths for my CSS and double-check the meanings of words I’m about to write. And it… Read more