My Skills

General design skills

  • Typography and web fonts
  • Colour theory
  • Layout and information architecture

Web design and development

Having a strong knowledge of web development really helps my design process when designing for the web as I have a realistic view of the creative possibilities and technical constraints. Usability, and its affect on accessibility, is an integral part of my design work and something I’m constantly striving to improve.

I’m a firm believer in developing for all the major web browsers. Despite my belief in making a site good for all those browsers, I believe that clarity of content and basic usability rules over pixel precision and designs that look identical in every browser.

Aside from using WordPress or Perch as content management systems, I don’t rely on any HTML or CSS frameworks as I believe this lessens the semantic and useful qualities of the markup, preventing valuable reusable content and good search engine optimisation.

Find out more about the web, app and mobile design I do on my Web, App and Mobile Design page.

Other Skills

Mobile app designs

Visual mobile design

Icon design

Size-specific icon design

Logo and branding design

  • Logos
  • Branding guidelines including typography and colour palette application


  • Hand-drawn illustration
  • Vector and screen-based illustration

Print design

  • Business card design
  • Poster design
Find out more about the graphic design work I do on my Graphic Design page.

If you want to know about my education or see some endorsements, my Zerply profile is the best place to visit.