A Big Important Company Web Site

June to July, 2009

This project started out as freelance work for A Big Important Company where I worked on the branding and web site design. Later on, I completed the site development using WordPress as my first full time project working for the company as an employee.

With the initial branding, I couldn’t decide between the two colour schemes of cream/beige and dark blue so we decided to go for different night and day styles depending on the time the user visited the web site so we could use both schemes.

I tried to make the most of the idea that the company was “big, bad and corporate” in a retro comic book way. I wanted to achieve a balance between this fun, creative idea without making the site overly themed and gimmicky.

You can read more about my design decisions and process on this piece of work by reading the post I wrote, “Designing A Big Important Company” on A Big Important Company’s blog.

A Big Important Company website

A Big Important Company logo design

A Big Important Company logo design