Apps Playground

April to October, 2013

Apps Playground was a really fun project. Stuart and Alice had loads of great content on their site reviewing apps for kids, but were using a fairly plain WordPress theme. They wanted something fun and appealing to parents which showed off the variety of their reviews and articles, and made it easy for parents to find apps suited to the age group and interests of their child.

Style tile detailing colour, logo and typography ideas

Early on, I came up with a concept for the logo and a colour scheme that would be bright and cheerful.

Style tile showing different logo sizes, a content module and navigation ideas

Then I experimented with the logo at different sizes and came up with an idea for how the content could be displayed in boxes with large images as they always use screenshots on the site.

the logo with reworked lettering

The typeface that I’d used for the logo was a friendly script, but some of the letters were harder to read as they were more traditionally cursive. I tweaked these letters to be easier to read at a glance.

The final site is very colourful and gives the user plenty of choice for browsing, or allows them to very quickly filter down the reviews they want to read based on age group, category and device.

Apps Playground site with the navigation closed

Apps Playground homepage with the navigation closed

Apps Playground homepage with the navigation filters showing in a dropdown list

Apps Playground homepage with the navigation filters visible