Bardowl Mobile Site

October to November, 2010

The Bardowl mobile site is still a work in progress, but it’s been really exciting finally putting the principles I learnt on the W3C Mobile Best Practice course last year. It’s not a perfect mobile site, as it inherits all the heavy content issues associated with WordPress, but using media queries, I’ve managed to get the design to render reasonably well on a lot of mobile devices.

I used media queries for the mobile design as I didn’t want to send the mobile users to a different mobile web site. The mobile users get almost entirely the same content but delivered in a simpler format. This means that any links to different pages on the site will all work as expected whether you’re on the mobile or desktop version. I’m considering making the navigation vertical now too. As mobile devices can be really narrow, horizontal navigation can become hidden.

Bardowl site on iPhone, Android and Opera Mini mobile browsers