Code For The People Website

July to August, 2012

I’ve been working with Simon Wheatley on WordPress projects since I started freelancing, and have learnt a huge amount from him. Since he and Simon Dickson joined forces to create Code For The People, I’ve worked on a further project with them both. So when Simon and Simon wanted me to design a site for them, I was really excited to see what we could do. However we had a very limited amount of time as they needed a site before Automattic announced them as one of only two agencies in Europe to be accredited by Automattic Inc as a VIP Featured Partner.

I was inspired by the shapes and the colours of the logo, which had already been created. I started using the angles to draw geometric lines, based on triangles, and these eventually formed the background of the site. Setting these as alternately fixed and scrolling triangles has given a subtle parallax effect without distracting too much from the content.

The first panel of the Code For The People website

The site was already basically built in Twitter Bootstrap, which was a challenge for me, as the HTML needed to work with Bootstrap by default is less than ideal. However I tweaked it to get it working with the design I had created.

the "what can we do for you panel" on the Code For The People website