DIYMage Branding and Page Design

November, 2010

There’s an exciting new Magento theme framework coming from the guys at Meanbee. Having worked with Meanbee before, I was more than happy to work on another cool project with them. DIYMage is going to be an easy way for store owners, developers and designers to easily customise their Magento stores, and I can’t wait to be working more with Meanbee on this project in the future.

DIYMage landing page

DIYMage landing page


The concept of the branding is around the idea of the DIY shop. I wanted to create some icons to represent the store owners, developers and designers that were fun and colourful. Even though we’re using the DIY concept, I didn’t want to make it a cheesy theme, so I teamed these elements with clean, simple layout and typography.

DIYMage Branding