Future Insights Website

October 2011 to April 2012

Designing the Future Insights website was one of my biggest projects so far. It was pretty intimidating creating a site that would be seen by a lot of people I respected. It was also the most complex responsive designs I’d done to date. It needed to incorporate some of the feel of the older ‘Future Of’ websites, such as the main logo, but as this was a new conference I had free rein to try more ideas.

Initially I went with a very colourful and striking design. We iterated through this a few times before it was decided I should scrap it and start again, doing something slightly more toned down. This came with the realisation that this wasn’t a standard industry conference site (where you tend to appeal to a lot of independents, startups and freelancers) but the main audience of the site was actually more corporate. The Carsonified girls suggested that maybe I should go down a more retro route and this inspired me to create the design below.

Future Insights Live website screenshot

The layouts for the narrower viewports were very difficult as we were trying to condense so much information into a smaller space. If possible, I would have split a lot of this content, particularly on the schedule page, on to other pages and lessened the amount of javascript used, but I think we did a good job given the challenge.

design for the narrower viewport version of the Future Insights Live website

design for the narrower viewport version of the Future Insights Live website

I worked closely on the site with Greg Annandale and Alex Thomas who were developing the backend and helped me with the javascript. It was great to work with two developers who were very familiar with what users would want and need from conference websites.