Julian and Ally’s Wedding Invitations

September 2012 to March 2013

This project was one of the most meaningful I’ve ever worked on. I’m a true romantic, and so when my friends Julian and Ally asked me to design their wedding invitations and RSVP cards, it felt like a huge responsibility. Over a few months I revised the designs over and over again until I had something I hoped would do them justice.

Ally and Julian love the vintage and retro style, and are going with a dusky pink colour theme for their wedding. I didn’t want to go over-the-top with cheesy vintage styles and so settled on choosing two typefaces, Affair and Officina, using Affair minimally and decoratively, and taking advantage of Officina’s various weights and styles for a mixed, but (hopefully) still harmonious feel.

Invitation for Julian and Ally's wedding

Invitation for Julian and Ally’s wedding

Not having been to many weddings, I ended up mostly inspired by many RSVP designs on Dribbble. Julian and Ally gave me the copy that they wanted, and I suggested that it might work well on the reverse of a postcard. The postcards images could have a vintage style and when the guests send their RSVPs back, Julian and Ally would have a collection of postcards reminding them of their wedding. I tried to make the postcards as easy to fill out as possible, so the guests could quickly and easily send them back.

RSVP for Julian and Ally's wedding

RSVP for Julian and Ally’s wedding

 Note: I’ve changed dates and addresses on these designs so I’m not sharing any real personal information!