Saild Logo and Web App Design

December 2009 to June 2010

Saild is a great app aimed at replacing the old-fashioned sailing log book with a handy paper-free app. I really didn’t know much about sailing before I started working on the app, so it was really interesting working with Duncan to create something that would be usable and appeal to the sailing audience.

It was the first time I’d worked on an app project of this size so it was a huge education. Learning how to work effectively with a continually-growing app and an impending beta was challenging but fun, especially working with an experienced and talented developer.

screenshot of the Saild web app

We wanted to avoid using sails in the logo design, so I opted for the equally-traditional compass. I created the logo in an icon style with four different sizes, all with different levels of detail so it would look good in as many environments as possible.

Saild logo design

Saild logo design