Siftware website and branding

March to June, 2013

The Siftware project was great because I got to work on so many elements surrounding the Siftware brand. I updated the logo, designed the website and created business cards and postcards. The illustrations (as part of the website design) were the most fun.

Siftware logo redesigned

Siftware site mockup

I often work with web developers, and their websites have an unusual problem, as web development doesn’t lend itself to much imagery. Many developers struggle because they don’t want to include screenshots of websites they’ve worked on, as they weren’t responsible for creating the graphic design. Inspired by the niche industries that Siftware work with, I decided to create illustrations based on those. This started with energy monitoring and slowly I developed a style I could carry across to more abstract concepts like code and consultancy.

Siftware illustrations

For this project, I worked with Stu Robson, a great web developer. It’s unusual that I create website design without developing them myself, but it was fun to work with someone so skilled and committed. It was an interesting challenge annotating my mockups so I could communicate my responsive design intentions to Stu, so that we had a smooth and flexible responsive site.

Siftware website mockup for narrower windows