The Big M Website

October to November, 2010

The Big M is an awesome mobile developer conference coming in March next year. I was really lucky to be on board from the start, and work with some fantastic people which made this project really exciting and fun.

Having a good, working mobile design was very important so I used media queries as I didn’t want to send the mobile users to a different mobile web site. The mobile users get almost entirely the same content but delivered in a simpler format. For the wider desktop site I used jQuery to load more complicated content, such as Google Maps and tables, that wasn’t suitable for mobile devices.

The illustrations for the site were part of the brief, and I found them really fun. As I started out doing the phone illustrations, I went with a very clean and technical feel. This was hard to emulate for the portraits so I tried to inject a ‘technical drawing’ feel through using straight line fillings for the shadows.

a fragment of The Big M website

a fragment of the narrow viewport version of The Big M website