Trip Wallet icon

April to May, 2013

Nic Wise came to me looking for an iOS app homescreen icon for his app Trip Wallet. Taking a look through the app, there was a very distinctive green colour and the very striking Symbolicon Line icons by Jory Raphael.

screenshot from the Trip Wallet app showing the green colour and Symbolicon icons

a screenshot from the Trip Wallet app

I’m a huge fan of the Symbolicons, and use them a lot. I thought a good solution would be to design a Symbolicon-style icon for the homescreen icon so it had a uniform look-and-feel with the rest of the app. This meant studying the lines, perspective and proportions of the Symbolicons to mimic in my own wallet icon.

To make the context clear, Nic suggested a map for the background of the icon. I wanted to keep the icon simple so blended the map into the green colour to work as a texture as well as making the purpose of the app more obvious.

Trip Wallet final app icon

Trip Wallet final app icon