WP App Store icon-style logo design

March 2012

Brad asked me to create a WordPress admin icon for his WP App Store WordPress plugin. I created these in the style of the existing WordPress admin icons so that they felt consistent. The larger greyscale icon is used on the admin page itself, whereas the smaller greyscale and coloured icons are used in the admin menu bar.

WP App Store admin icons

WP App Store admin icons

After I’d finished the admin icons, Brad asked me if I’d create a vector version of the icon that could be used for the WP App Store branding and promotion. In a way, this part of the project was harder as there was so little detail in the admin icons (due to their tiny size) which I had to add to a larger infinitely-scalable vector version whilst still keeping it looking recognisable as the original admin icon. I decided on a more stylised illustration than trying to make it look realistic or hyper-real. This softer, more hand-drawn feeling, style also fits better with the style of the original admin icons.

WP App Store vector logo/icon