Well, I’ve got a blog.

This is not a promise, but I will attempt to post some stuff focussing on quality over quantity. I’m thinking some of the more useful resources I come across; probably lots on WordPress, maybe a bit on mobile design, I’ve got a rant about HTML brewing somewhere too.

I apologise in advance for my embarrassing command of the English language and grammar.

I’m actively not going to bother designing it as nothing will ever happen if I do. The lovely clean design is that of WordPress 3.0‘s Twenty Ten with some yellow (ok, I might have made that bit) and some Typekit as I’m addicted to this new-found font variety.


  1. WOOO!

    This are dery dery velpful articuals. I read it all. And den read it again. And then pretend I share with friends. Here… HAVE SOME LINKS THAT DON’T RELATE TO THE ARTICLE!


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