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Unfinished Business 83: Slightly sticky bottoms

Andy is back this week and so we did a handover episode of Unfinished Business. This week we talked about our different approaches to the podcast and what’s relevant to “business”. Andy found an interesting article on the BBC website about smartphone stress, so we talked about how we handle disconnecting when we go on… Read more

Unfinished Business 81 and 82

I was so busy last week that I forgot to post about Unfinished Business episode 81: Do you have a dinosaur onesie? This week, Ashley and I recorded episode 82: Love a good pep talk. It’s been a fun few weeks. It’s been interesting how a lot of people have said that Ashley and I… Read more

Unfinished Business 80: I wonder why he trusts us?

Andy Clarke is on holiday for three weeks and has handed over the Unfinished Business reins to Ashley Baxter and I. This week’s episode is all about business insurance for freelancers and small businesses. We talked about public liability, professional indemnity, business contents and copyright infringement. It was great because I got to ask Ashley… Read more

Speaking at 12 Devs of Winter

I’m speaking at 12 Devs of Winter on the 22nd January in Shoreditch. Because I’ve clearly lost my mind, I’m going to be doing another new talk. This time on ‘Freelancing for the reluctant businessperson.’ I’m that reluctant businessperson, and I’m hoping to share some silly stories about all the daft things I’ve done and… Read more

Unfinished Business #44

Last week I was on Unfinished Business again! Andy and I talked about hosting workshops, business names and how to make a good impression via email. My audio is pretty awful, and I’m sorry for that. I tried to be all clever with my headset, but ended up sounding very small and faraway… I’m also… Read more

Interviewed by The Learning People

The Learning People have posted an interview they did with me about women in the technology sector, working for myself, and what inspires me.

Open for Business on A List Apart

My second column for A List Apart, “Open for Business,” is now up. I wrote Open for Business as a follow-up to my Dare conference talk about honesty. It’s not the same as the full talk (and has been edited into a far better shape by Rose Weisburd) but is the essence of why I feel… Read more

Why I love Unfinished Business

I know, this is a funny topic on which to base a blog post but I love the Unfinished Business podcast, and I’d like to elaborate why in something more than a few fawning tweets. Business, but not suits Business doesn’t feel like the right word to describe what I do. It’s a hobby that… Read more

Women in…

I’ve changed my mind about this subject! To read about why and how I don’t believe this anymore, please read Women and conferences. Business…Tech…Conferences… Every time I hear these dreaded phrases, “Women in business”, “Women in tech”, “Women at conferences” I just groan. It’s really boring. Examples. “There’s only x% of women at this conference”… Read more

Me vs We

There’s something that’s been niggling at me for ages. The way people act as if they’re a multi-person company when they’re really just one individual. This whole ‘we’ syndrome. We have a great new client now working with us at Just Little Old Me Ltd. Sometimes it makes me giggle when I know somebody is… Read more