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Delivery Logistics on A List Apart

There’s nothing wrong with sending a client a rough sketch if that’s all that’s needed to communicate your idea. In my latest column on A List Apart, I’ve written about deliverables and why what the client expects isn’t always the right thing to do…

Interview with Heart Internet

Yesterday, Heart Internet posted an interview with me on their site. They start off saying some very kind things about me, and then it covers accessibility, design, speaking at conferences and a bit of client work. As a bonus, it’s interspersed with photos of me pulling weird faces at conferences (and being business on the… Read more

Including “ask me anything” in my contract

At Dare conference in September, I saw a great talk by Kevin Hoffman on “How To Rebuild Amidst Crisis.” I loved this talk, there was so much in it, but one thing struck me as something I could carry over into my work: Kevin said he included “ask any question and I’ll answer it” in his… Read more

A List Apart column and first post on Good Designers, Good Clients

This week the first post was published on my A List Apart column. It’s a very exciting thing for me. I’ve been reading A List Apart since I started learning about the web and loads of people I admire have written there. It’s good fun and a proper challenge having an editor working with me. I’ve… Read more

Guest on Happy Monday Podcast

Last Friday I was a guest for today’s Happy Monday podcast. It was great fun chatting with Josh and Sarah about design, client work and inspiration.

Browser windows and responsive language

In the same way that we continually evolve the processes we use when working with clients, I’ve now found myself evolving and refining the language I use with clients when discussing responsive web design. “Devices” It started out with talking about devices. “This design will use X on a mobile phone, Y on a tablet… Read more

Mentoring: the evaluation

Previous posts on the mentoring project: Mentoring a project: the idea Mentoring a project: the right project Mentoring a project: finding the right people Mentoring a project: the project Mentoring a project: contract and kicking off It’s been four months since we started the mentoring project and now it’s drawing to a close. It’s been… Read more

Guest co-host on Unfinished Business II

Last Friday I was a guest co-host on Unfinished Business again. It was great fun, Andy and I spoke about clients, how location affects our businesses, how to find good subcontractors and Star Trek. I’m a massive fan of Unfinished Business and listen to every episode so it was a real treat to go back… Read more

Mentoring a project: contract and kicking off

Previous posts on the mentoring project: Mentoring a project: the idea Mentoring a project: the right project Mentoring a project: finding the right people Mentoring a project: the project It’s been far too long since I wrote about the mentoring project. I’ve been incredibly busy and really needed to dedicate more time to make it… Read more

Guest co-host on Unfinished Business

Last week I was guest co-host on one of my most favourite podcasts, Unfinished Business. It was great to ramble and rant with Andy for 90 minutes as it’s not often I get to chat for so long to another designer whose main focus is client work. We talked about smoking chimps, mentoring and how… Read more

Mentoring a project: the project

Previous posts on the mentoring project: Mentoring a project: the idea Mentoring a project: the right project Mentoring a project: finding the right people In the previous posts, I mentioned that I was going to explain the details of the project later on. This was because I didn’t want to get bogged down by the… Read more

Design Feast Designer’s Quest(ionnaire)

Design Feast have my answers to their Designer’s Quest(ionnaire) on their site. Scroll past the scarily large photo of me quickly… their questions prompted me to think about some interesting points, especially challenges for designers: What are some of the challenges you encounter as a designer and how do you deal with them? I think… Read more

Mentoring a project: finding the right people

We’ve got a project! I’ll elaborate on the details of the project in a future post, but the importance of having a project was that it’s allowed me to choose the designers/developers who could get something out of being mentees. I didn’t want to do this before securing the right project as I needed to… Read more

Mentoring a project: the right project

This post is an update on my mentoring project idea. Finding the right project If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen that I’m now looking for a different project to work on. Whilst the previous project I had in mind would have been great fun, the client had a very tight deadline.… Read more

Grid Frameworks and why I’m not keen on them…

I’ve written a post for 12 Devs of Xmas on Grid Frameworks. After spending months whining about grid frameworks, 960.gs and Bootstrap, I’ve finally backed up my tweet-sized complaints with some context and examples. I knew it would be contentious and that some people would feel antagonised by my saying that developers who don’t consider… Read more

Insites Tour Brighton

Insites is a mini tour of four cities in the UK where Keir Whitaker and Elliot Jay Stocks present discussions with well-known people from the web/tech industry. I was lucky enough to go to the first evening in Brighton on Monday where Aral Balkan, Sarah Parmenter and Jeremy Keith were the guests. The Format The… Read more

Design work is 50% visual, 50% justification

After I finished my last post about Design Tips for Developers, it really struck me how much I wrote to justify my design. I wasn’t just writing tips saying “do this, it’s good“, “don’t do this, it’s bad.” I put time and effort into explaining why I made these decisions and why I didn’t do it another way.… Read more

Stuck on a design

After discussing Dribbble and Forrst, and my latest post that looked at criticism in design, I’ve been thinking a lot more about how feedback features in my design process. Getting stuck When I used to get stuck on a design, from ‘creative block’ or a complete lack of inspiration, I would frantically brainstorm, then browse… Read more

Me vs We

There’s something that’s been niggling at me for ages. The way people act as if they’re a multi-person company when they’re really just one individual. This whole ‘we’ syndrome. We have a great new client now working with us at Just Little Old Me Ltd. Sometimes it makes me giggle when I know somebody is… Read more

Year One

It’s been a whole year since I officially started working as a freelance designer last August. I graduated from uni, had a brief fling with some full-time remote working, had an awkward interview with a recruiter and then decided that I’d rather give it a go by myself. Getting Started I felt pretty ready for freelancing… Read more