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I Don’t Like It on A List Apart

Heh. That’s a misleading title! I’ve been on holiday, so I’m late to posting this update. Just over a week ago, my most recent column, I Don’t Like It, was posted on A List Apart. I’d heard some designers discussing their clients in less-than-favourable terms. This kind of behaviour makes me cross. It’s the Clients… Read more

Browser windows and responsive language

In the same way that we continually evolve the processes we use when working with clients, I’ve now found myself evolving and refining the language I use with clients when discussing responsive web design. “Devices” It started out with talking about devices. “This design will use X on a mobile phone, Y on a tablet… Read more

Mentoring: the evaluation

Previous posts on the mentoring project: Mentoring a project: the idea Mentoring a project: the right project Mentoring a project: finding the right people Mentoring a project: the project Mentoring a project: contract and kicking off It’s been four months since we started the mentoring project and now it’s drawing to a close. It’s been… Read more

Responsive Day Out

A month ago I spoke at Responsive Day Out, an “affordable, enjoyable gathering of UK designers and developers sharing their workflow strategies, techniques, and experiences with responsive web design.” As I said to Jeremy Keith when he first asked me if I wanted to do it, this would be a day I couldn’t possibly miss,… Read more

Future Of Web Design 2011 – The Summary – Day Two

Day Two Ethan Marcotte – Responsive Web Design ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70764623061729280″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70765105113088000″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70765603635470337″ ”http://twitter.com/aral/status/70765587453837312″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70766758608388096″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70767608542134272″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70768314661617664″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70768677590540288″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70769336872218624″ Femi T Adesina – Enhancing your Creativity I mis-hastagged the first tweet! ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70776083460534272″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70777226345451520″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70779952345268224″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70780597911564288″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70781453063036928″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70783293863362560″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70784592235335680″ Josh Clark – Buttons Are a Hack: The New Rules of Designing for Touch ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70796043628974081″ ”http://twitter.com/ubelly/status/70796280640704512″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70796934423642112″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70797159473233920″ My… Read more

New Adventures 2011

Conferences are my social life As I go to more conferences, I meet more lovely people and get to see friends I’d only ever talk to on Twitter otherwise. In the last two years, I’ve been to about three a year and it feels about the right amount that you rarely see the same talk… Read more