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Speaking at 418:conf web meetup

I’m speaking at the very first 418:conf web meetup on 16th June 2015 in Nutfield (near Redhill) in Surrey. It’s exciting for me because it’s near where I used to live, and it’s a cool new meetup with a lot of potential. If you’re local, you should get your ticket now. They’re free!

Speaking at Web Day at Bath Digital Festival

I’m speaking at Web Day at Bath Digital Festival on the 28th of October. Bath is great, I went to university there, and it’s full of lovely people. I’m looking forward to going back and giving a talk about accessibility. Tickets are a very reasonable £15, and it looks like it’ll be a very interesting… Read more

Speaking at border:none

Next month I’m speaking and running a “creator unit” at border:none in Nuremberg. This is incredibly exciting as it’s an event focused around the decentralisation of the web, a topic that I care about a great deal. I’ll be talking about using considerate design and great user experiences to create genuine alternatives to the products… Read more

Discount code for WXG 2014 in Guildford

You might have seen that I’m speaking at WXG in Guildford in September. If you didn’t already get a ticket, you might want to use my discount code of kalbagWXG to get £10 off the (already very affordable £99) ticket price. There’s some great speakers in the lineup, and it’s sure to be a fun… Read more

Speaking at KiwiParty in Strasbourg

On the 13th of June, I’m speaking at KiwiParty in Strasbourg. I’ll be speaking about web accessibility. It’ll be my first conference in France and I’ll be trying to remember my French from AS Level ten years ago! I won’t be giving my talk in my terrible French, but if you’re coming along, please find… Read more

Speaking at WXG 2014 in Guildford

I’m speaking at WXG 2014 in Guildford in September. This is exciting for me because I attended the first ever WXG a couple of years ago, and it’s about as local as a conference is going to get to my hometown, Reigate. The tickets are a bargain at just £69 for early birds, and there’s… Read more

Speaking at DotYork

I’m speaking at DotYork conference in York on the 1st of May. My friend Jonic is one of the organisers, and with the thought and love that they’re putting into the event, it’s got to be fantastic. It’ll be my first time in York, so I’m looking forward to seeing the sights and feeling incredibly… Read more

Speaking at MobX Conference in Berlin

Next Friday I’m speaking at MobX Conference in Berlin about designing for accessibility, covering problems that affect many different types of screens and devices. It will be my first time in Germany, so I’m very excited!  

Speaking at Dare conference

I’m speaking as a ‘Breakout’ speaker at Dare conference in September. As soon as I saw the rumblings of this conference, I knew it was an event I wanted to attend. It’s focusing on risk, vulnerability, communication and trying to make the world a better place. Then I realised that I actually had an idea… Read more

Speaking at LXJS in Portugal

I’m really looking forward to October, where I get to return to Portugal to speak at LXJS in Lisbon. One of the reasons I jumped at the chance to speak at LXJS was their fantastic Code of Conduct. After hearing some horror stories from other women speakers, I wish more conferences had this sort of… Read more

Sass For Designers at CSS Summit 2013

I’m speaking at CSS Summit 2013 about Sass For Designers. CSS Summit is a great online conference, meaning you can attend from anywhere in the world (hooray!) There’s a huge amount of expert speakers across three days, with a day each dedicated to CSS3 Training, Advanced CSS and Preprocessors. I’m on the third day, covering… Read more

Learning to speak

Just over a year ago, I was in a country I’d never visited, about to give two talks I’d never given before to two large, paying audiences in the space of three days at Future Insights Live. I had only given a couple of talks to small audiences before. It was one of the scariest… Read more

Insites Xmas Special—Integrity and Polarity

Yesterday was Insites: The Xmas Special, a brilliant event put on by the lovely Keir Whitaker and Elliot Jay Stocks. After being well fed, everybody in the room gave a six minute(ish) talk about something they’ve learned in 2012. It was a personal, open and incredibly meaningful set of talks. There were no slides, and… Read more

Solving problems with naïvety

Last week I was at the wonderful Future Insights Live conference in Las Vegas. Annoyingly as I was speaking twice (that bit wasn’t annoying, it was fun!) I missed a load of talks, but had some fantastic discussions around some particularly interesting topics. The topic of naïvety in user experience first came up in Aral… Read more

dConstruct 2011 — My Digest

It was another inspiring day at dConstruct, the best abstract thought-inducing conference around. The abstract nature of the conference is part of the appeal for most people. It’s hard to get enthusiastic about a talk that is teaching you more practical techniques, such as writing HTML, when you can so easily learn about it on… Read more

Insites Tour Brighton

Insites is a mini tour of four cities in the UK where Keir Whitaker and Elliot Jay Stocks present discussions with well-known people from the web/tech industry. I was lucky enough to go to the first evening in Brighton on Monday where Aral Balkan, Sarah Parmenter and Jeremy Keith were the guests. The Format The… Read more

Notes from Ampersand conference — My Digest

I’ve tried to condense my notes from Ampersand conference into a more useful digest. More than anything this, like my live-tweeting at past conferences, is really a selfish activity to help me absorb the ideas from Ampersand better by reflecting on the themes of the day. And of course in the spirit of the web… Read more

Future Of Web Design 2011 – The Summary – Day Two

Day Two Ethan Marcotte – Responsive Web Design ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70764623061729280″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70765105113088000″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70765603635470337″ ”http://twitter.com/aral/status/70765587453837312″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70766758608388096″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70767608542134272″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70768314661617664″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70768677590540288″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70769336872218624″ Femi T Adesina – Enhancing your Creativity I mis-hastagged the first tweet! ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70776083460534272″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70777226345451520″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70779952345268224″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70780597911564288″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70781453063036928″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70783293863362560″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70784592235335680″ Josh Clark – Buttons Are a Hack: The New Rules of Designing for Touch ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70796043628974081″ ”http://twitter.com/ubelly/status/70796280640704512″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70796934423642112″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70797159473233920″ My… Read more

Future Of Web Design 2011 – The Summary – Day One

A few people have recommended that I post all the tweets summarising the great talks at Future Of Web Design in a blog post. So here it is! Day One Aarron Walter – Transforming Ideas into Interfaces I arrived late for Aarron’s talk so it took me a while to engage properly. ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70412513673613313″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70409366393720832″ Mike Kus… Read more

Future Of Web Design 2011 – The Review

Another great event from Carsonified, I really enjoyed Future Of Web Design this year. The Cost I was actually really lucky to get a ticket. I seriously couldn’t afford the £714 2-day conference pass, even at the super early bird rate (that was about £200 less, I can’t remember exactly.) My lovely friend Scott Coello… Read more

Yeah, so what if I live-tweet at conferences?

I’ve been at Future Of Web Design The last two days were long, but fantastic, experiences at Future Of Web Design. The talks were high quality, loads of cool people were there and I learnt a lot. Problem is, (from some people’s point of view) I tweeted a lot. I’m not going to stop, but… Read more

The Big M

First off, let me declare my complete bias. I’ve been involved with the Big M conference from pretty early on, I was lucky enough to do all the design work and the organisers are lovely guys who I’m proud to call my friends. I’m still on a high from how much I enjoyed myself (and… Read more

Who wants a ticket for The Big M?

I don’t know if you know, but I made the website for the upcoming super exciting mobile conference, The Big M. As a result, I have 3 conference tickets worth £233.83 to give away to lovely people who want to learn more about mobile (covering topics such as innovation, usability, development, apps and mobile web.)… Read more

dConstruct 2010

I was a bit skeptical about dConstruct at first. The idea of a conference based on ‘creativity and ideas’ made me worry it might be a bit pretentious but I was convinced by a lot of friends on Twitter that it’d be worthwhile, and they were so right. I went with a notebook and an… Read more