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My 2014

Well, things didn’t slow down in 2014! So much so that I didn’t manage to write this post yesterday. In 2014 I spoke at 8 events in 4 countries, and worked with 11 clients on 15 projects before starting work full time with Ind.ie in August. I wrote a lot more, with regular slots on… Read more

Building a diverse speaker lineup

This post is so good, and so incredibly valuable, that it’s deserving of more than just a passing tweet. Julie Pagano has written about ‘Building a Diverse Speaker Lineup.’ This should be the go-to post for conference organisers, and it should be read as soon as you’re even thinking about organising an event. Julie’s post… Read more

Unfinished Business #61

Last weekend I was a guest on the Unfinished Business podcast again. I had a lovely time chatting to Andy about speaking at conferences, working for free and I even managed to squeeze in a rant about accessibility.

Speaking at Interlink conference in Toronto

Sadly, Interlink conference has been cancelled. I’m gutted that I won’t be visiting Canada this year, but I totally understand how difficult it is to run a conference, especially if you’re trying to put on the best possible event for your attendees and speakers. This is very very exciting. In June, I’m going to speak… Read more

Unfinished Business #54

The latest Unfinished Business podcast has just been published, and I’m on it again! I had a lovely time talking to Andy about scheduling projects, invoicing, rates and people who don’t understand copyright. A very big thank you to my friend Jo who let me take over her internet and bedroom for the recording, as… Read more

Interview with Heart Internet

Yesterday, Heart Internet posted an interview with me on their site. They start off saying some very kind things about me, and then it covers accessibility, design, speaking at conferences and a bit of client work. As a bonus, it’s interspersed with photos of me pulling weird faces at conferences (and being business on the… Read more

My 2013

My 2013 has been another big year. Oskar and I moved down to Brighton to live with Aral, I spoke at 13 events in 3 countries and worked with 13 clients on 20 projects. 2013 was the year of the podcast and I was a guest on 12 podcasts, most frequently with the lovely Andy… Read more

I also pledge to be better

This post was inspired by Faruk’s great post “I Pledge To Be Better (And I Hope You Do Too)” where he speaks about the continuing problems with discrimination and lack of diversity in tech, and how more people should speak up about these issues. Faruk rightly says we all have the power and responsibility to make… Read more

The East Wing podcast

Yesterday I was a guest on Tim Smith‘s The East Wing podcast. It was a pre-recorded conversation and it was great fun. You can listen to it on the East Wing website, and it’ll be up on iTunes soon. We discussed how I got started in the industry (really sorry traditional Graphic Design people, I… Read more

Women and conferences

I used to not understand the fuss around women at conferences, I thought that we should all just carry on with what we were doing well already and not get caught up in needless controversy. I even wrote a blog post saying exactly that a couple of years ago. I’d never experienced (to my knowledge)… Read more

My 2012

2012 has been a massive year for me. It was a year of saying yes to things that scared me. It was the first time I spoke at a conference (and I went on to speak at a further seven events.) I found the first house I’ve lived in by myself. I travelled to as… Read more

Women in…

I’ve changed my mind about this subject! To read about why and how I don’t believe this anymore, please read Women and conferences. Business…Tech…Conferences… Every time I hear these dreaded phrases, “Women in business”, “Women in tech”, “Women at conferences” I just groan. It’s really boring. Examples. “There’s only x% of women at this conference”… Read more

New Adventures 2011

Conferences are my social life As I go to more conferences, I meet more lovely people and get to see friends I’d only ever talk to on Twitter otherwise. In the last two years, I’ve been to about three a year and it feels about the right amount that you rarely see the same talk… Read more