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Digital Arts: Web fonts: what designers need to know in 2015

Another fab and in-depth article from Craig Grannell on Digital Arts, this time on Web fonts: what designers need to know in 2015. Craig asked a load of smart designers (and me) about web fonts, web font services, and how to choose web fonts. My full answers to Craig’s original questions are below: What do you… Read more

Digital Arts: Designing for the unknown

Last week, Craig Grannell asked me some questions about designing for the unknown. The result was a really fantastic article called Designing for the unknown: how to design templates and frameworks, and has contributions from some really smart people. The title image is from my writeup of the Default Perch Theme project I did with… Read more

Digital Arts: The future of web design

Over the next few days I’m catching up on things I failed to share in recent months. It’s been a very busy few months, but I still like to have a record of what I did and where I’ve been! In April, I spoke to Neil Bennett about the future of web design, and the… Read more