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Site adjustments

My site is looking a little different, I’m now using the lovely Recia for the type. Fontdeck recently retired, and while they gave loads of notice about the service stopping, I still didn’t update my fonts in time. This left my site looking a little sad and Helvetica-y. I have a redesign in the works. But I’ve… Read more

Notes from Ampersand conference — My Digest

I’ve tried to condense my notes from Ampersand conference into a more useful digest. More than anything this, like my live-tweeting at past conferences, is really a selfish activity to help me absorb the ideas from Ampersand better by reflecting on the themes of the day. And of course in the spirit of the web… Read more

Design Tips For Developers

This little post is based around the talk I gave at Bathcamp. Rich Quick came up with the great idea that, whilst Bathcamp attendees are mostly developers, a talk on design for developers was probably appropriate. And you might have seen on my post from last week, I was looking for a case study to… Read more

Picking Fonts

This little post is an extension of my post on Web Fonts. Of late, some of the snobbier designers are whining that more fonts available will mean the web will get covered in horrible mis-use of fonts, unreadable body text and general ugliness. I don’t think this is totally fair, but I’m sure some people… Read more

Web Fonts

I’ve got a new infatuation; web fonts. Since the second I heard about Typekit (and Fontdeck) last year I’ve been giddy with excitement about being able to use more fonts on the web. Georgia just doesn’t cut it anymore. Even the introduction of ten new fonts to shake things up would have me flustered. Here’s… Read more