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Speaking at 418:conf web meetup

I’m speaking at the very first 418:conf web meetup on 16th June 2015 in Nutfield (near Redhill) in Surrey. It’s exciting for me because it’s near where I used to live, and it’s a cool new meetup with a lot of potential. If you’re local, you should get your ticket now. They’re free!

Speaking at Design + Banter

I’m speaking at Design + Banter on Monday in London. It’s already sold out, but there’s a waiting list available for the free tickets. Nicklas Persson and Cole Peters are also speaking so I’m really chuffed to be part of a great lineup!

Speaking at 12 Devs of Winter

I’m speaking at 12 Devs of Winter on the 22nd January in Shoreditch. Because I’ve clearly lost my mind, I’m going to be doing another new talk. This time on ‘Freelancing for the reluctant businessperson.’ I’m that reluctant businessperson, and I’m hoping to share some silly stories about all the daft things I’ve done and… Read more

Speaking at MKGN this Thursday

This Thursday I’m speaking at Milton Keynes Geek Night. Tickets sold out terrifyingly quickly, but I put that down to MKGN always being a great event. I’m going to talk about self-discipline, it’s a new talk and so that makes me even more nervous than usual!

Web talk dog walk II

The last web talk dog walk was a success, with three of us (plus three dogs) taking in the slightly damp wilds of Sheepcote Valley. Now for the next one! I was originally planning on making them fortnightly but have already failed as I wasn’t organised enough to sort one out this week. This means… Read more

Speaking at Untangle the Web

Nothing quite like a last-minute post… Tonight I’m speaking at Untangle the Web at Google Campus in London. I’m doing a talk on Design Theory for the Web where I do a whistle-stop tour through designing with typography, grids and colour on the web. I also have a stinking cold so I’m going to be… Read more

Web talk dog walk

I walk my dog Oskar every day, no matter what the weather. And usually it’s just him and me. So I’ve got this idea. A “web talk dog walk” where a group of us from the Brighton area can meet on a regular basis (probably fortnightly, maybe monthly) to walk dogs and chat about the… Read more