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Photography on manual: 10 – Miscellaneous

The last few days have brought a very miscellaneous collection of photos. The next photo is part of our overlaying exercise set by Ashley. I did it in post-processing, before I discovered that my camera has a multiple exposure setting. It’s pretty cheesy, but an okay first try.

Photography on manual: 9 – Oskar in the grey

This week we’ve been looking more at natural light, and portraits with foreground detail. I took my trusty (actually incredibly unreliable) model, Oskar, out for a walk and hounded him with the camera. It was a very grey day, but with a lot of light.

Photography on manual: 6 – Walk

When I started doing this course, I knew I’d probably end up with a lot of dog walking photos. Oskar and I are out every day, and so there’s lots of photo opportunities. After exploring the self-timer in my last photo, I thought I’d try it again. Dog photos are obviously great, but I wanted… Read more

Photography on manual: 5 – Levitation

Another photo post so soon? Yes! It’s the weekend, and Ashley gave us a really cool new exercise to try levitation, so I thought I had to try it.

Photography on manual: 4 – Post-processing

On my last day in Berlin, I took a lot more photos. Last night I started post-processing them, following Ashley’s email and video tutorials. Post-processing is an area where I have more experience, I’ve done a lot of Photoshopping in the past, but now I’m trying to achieve new effects using Lightroom, which is a… Read more

Photography on manual: 1

I’ve had a DSLR for nearly a year now. And I still only ever use it on the Auto modes. I studied photography (with film cameras) during my Art Foundation course ~10 years ago, but I think any decent photos were mostly luck, and I can’t remember much of it. So when Ashley set up… Read more