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A little realign

Things are looking a bit different around here. It’s not a redesign so much as a realign. I’ve been tinkering for a few months, and finally got to the point where I’m happy to push it live (even though there’s more I could do.) There were a few particular goals for this redesign: Rewrite the… Read more

Sass for designers — the talk and the case study

Yesterday I gave a talk at the fantastic online conference CSS Summit on ‘Sass for designers’. It uses my new site Web Talk Dog Walk as a case study, and explains the basics of Sass and how to get started using CodeKit. Usually I wouldn’t recommend checking out my slides, as they’re useless without me… Read more

Web talk dog walk, the site

I’ve finally made a site for the web talk dog walks! It may be a small site, and is probably very broken in places, but it was a fun mini project and worked well as a case study for my Sass for designers talk. It also makes use of Perch, that wonderful little content management… Read more

Sass For Designers at CSS Summit 2013

I’m speaking at CSS Summit 2013 about Sass For Designers. CSS Summit is a great online conference, meaning you can attend from anywhere in the world (hooray!) There’s a huge amount of expert speakers across three days, with a day each dedicated to CSS3 Training, Advanced CSS and Preprocessors. I’m on the third day, covering… Read more

Sass for Designers — The Setup

As an accompaniment to my post on Sass for Designers (why and how you should use Sass) I thought I’d better include a quick writeup on my setup for working with Sass in the hope that it’ll help you get started. I’m afraid I work on a OS X, so my instructions will only be… Read more

Sass for Designers

Despite saying that I wanted to avoid writing post about development, I wanted to write something about Sass. Excuse me, what is Sass? Sass is a CSS pre-processing language; it’s a slightly different way of writing CSS which can then be processed by a tool that spits out fully-working CSS. It’s like a kind of… Read more

SMACSS – Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

I bought Jonathan Snook’s Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS five months ago and, embarrassingly, I’ve only just read it. As a “flexible guide to developing sites small and large”, it’s fantastic. Last month I was lucky enough to see Jonathan speak about State-Based Design (a concept which he covers in SMACSS) at the FromTheFront conference… Read more