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Sketch of the day

A strange thing has happened in the last week. I’ve been a bit blue, but I’ve really got into my One Sketch A Day book. This was a lovely little book that Rachel Shillcock sent me. I started on the 12th December last year, with a quick sketch. I tried really hard and 9 days… Read more

I love this pen

It’s a J Herbin metal pen. It’s a rollerball but it takes any standard ink cartridge. I use it with the J Herbin ink cartridges as they come in loads of different colours and packaged in cute little tins. It’s taken me years to find my ideal pen. I have small hands so I need… Read more

Guest on Beyond Ink podcast

Yesterday the first episode of the Beyond Ink podcast went live. This was a podcast that Rachel had in the works for a while, and we first recorded together a few months ago. Last week we re-recorded that episode, so everything was up-to-date, and I had a fancy new microphone so I didn’t sound as… Read more

Notebooks and Getting Over Moleskine

I’m a notebook and sketchbook-aholic. Actually I’m addicted to stationery of any kind. Pens, pencils, post-it notes. It’s incredibly easy to convince myself I need these items when I mostly don’t. Notebooks and sketchbooks (and maybe some nice accompanying pens), however, are an absolutely vital part of my working life. Why bother with physical notebooks?… Read more

Autodesk SketchBook Pro

I’ve always been a kind-of arty person. I took Art at school, did an Art Foundation and a Graphics degree. I totally loved art when I was small, but as I’ve got older, and more technology and web-obsessed, a lot of the old media went a bit out of the window. Though I was still… Read more