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5 reasons why you should get an office dog

Last week I wrote my Pastry Box thought on 5 reasons why you should get an office dog. It’s not just silly photos of Oskar, but actually five reasons why having Oskar for company has helped keep me sane. Through living and working by myself, to living and working with other people, he’s still incredibly… Read more

And I accidentally became a control freak…

Following on from my post yesterday about working with Indie Phone for 50% of my time, my thought on the Pastry Box today is about how I accidentally became a control freak. It’s hard to admit the flaws you find in yourself, but I’m so determined to do a good job that I think it’s… Read more

April’s Pastry Box thought on writing

I was slow to post about my April Pastry Box post as my realign got in the way. It was really a little insecure thought about how my writing and thinking is improving, but I’m finding it hard.

March’s Pastry Box thought on purpose

Today my thought for March was posted on The Pastry Box. It was inspired by First Things First 2014, talks by Cole Peters and Nicklas de León Persson at Design and Banter, and Fictive Kin‘s slashpurpose.org. I’ve started formulating a draft of my “purpose” for this site, but it’s not quite ready yet.

Writing on The Pastry Box and my first post on ethics

Today is the day my first “thought” of the year is published on The Pastry Box. When Alex asked me if I wanted to be a part of The Pastry Box project, I leapt at the chance. There are some fantastic people who have contributed such interesting thoughts and ideas over there in the last… Read more