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The Destiny Machine

Last Friday’s roundup was back to business as usual, after a couple of weeks of re:publica-related work. We’ve got the latest in the world of Spyware 2.0, and some fun ways that people are challenging the system.

New To Design

Following my learning design post, I’ve started a little project called “new to design.” At the moment it just consists of a learn-design tag on my Pinboard bookmarks and a Twitter account @newtodesign so that I can share useful design resources (especially for those new to design.) In the future, I hope it can be… Read more

Learning Design

Every now and again someone will email me asking how they should go about learning design. After reading Aral Balkan’s fantastic post on how design is not veneer, a few developers also expressed frustration at there not being many resources telling you how to get started with design. So I thought I’d post a few… Read more

We read with our own contexts

Oh Twitter. Yesterday was another day where I accidentally incited another riot with a poorly-worded tweet. Nobody is perfect, but it’s starting to happen with alarming frequency, and I wanted to understand why I keep doing this. The ever-present ego We read everything through our own ego filter. It’s how we apply new knowledge to… Read more

Craft and Care: Future Of Web Design 2012

I’ve written up my digest of Future Of Web Design 2012 over at the ubelly blog. For those who want more of a blow-by-blow account of the day, I’ve compiled all of my live tweets (and retweets) from the day in a Storify feed. http://storify.com/laurakalbag/laura-kalbag-s-fowd-tweets

Future Of Web Design 2011 – The Summary – Day Two

Day Two Ethan Marcotte – Responsive Web Design ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70764623061729280″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70765105113088000″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70765603635470337″ ”http://twitter.com/aral/status/70765587453837312″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70766758608388096″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70767608542134272″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70768314661617664″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70768677590540288″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70769336872218624″ Femi T Adesina – Enhancing your Creativity I mis-hastagged the first tweet! ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70776083460534272″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70777226345451520″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70779952345268224″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70780597911564288″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70781453063036928″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70783293863362560″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70784592235335680″ Josh Clark – Buttons Are a Hack: The New Rules of Designing for Touch ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70796043628974081″ ”http://twitter.com/ubelly/status/70796280640704512″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70796934423642112″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70797159473233920″ My… Read more

Future Of Web Design 2011 – The Summary – Day One

A few people have recommended that I post all the tweets summarising the great talks at Future Of Web Design in a blog post. So here it is! Day One Aarron Walter – Transforming Ideas into Interfaces I arrived late for Aarron’s talk so it took me a while to engage properly. ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70412513673613313″ ”http://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/70409366393720832″ Mike Kus… Read more

Yeah, so what if I live-tweet at conferences?

I’ve been at Future Of Web Design The last two days were long, but fantastic, experiences at Future Of Web Design. The talks were high quality, loads of cool people were there and I learnt a lot. Problem is, (from some people’s point of view) I tweeted a lot. I’m not going to stop, but… Read more

Who wants a ticket for The Big M?

I don’t know if you know, but I made the website for the upcoming super exciting mobile conference, The Big M. As a result, I have 3 conference tickets worth £233.83 to give away to lovely people who want to learn more about mobile (covering topics such as innovation, usability, development, apps and mobile web.)… Read more

New Adventures 2011

Conferences are my social life As I go to more conferences, I meet more lovely people and get to see friends I’d only ever talk to on Twitter otherwise. In the last two years, I’ve been to about three a year and it feels about the right amount that you rarely see the same talk… Read more

How the iPad is saving my sanity

Fan girl I’ve had an iPad since the day it was released in the UK. I bought it because I’m a fan girl. I admit it. I could pretend that I wanted it to take to conferences or use for testing or when I didn’t need a laptop when I went to visit clients. In… Read more