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Why Bother With Accessibility? on 24ways

My article for this year’s 24ways has been published today. I wrote “Why Bother With Accessibility?” after giving my Designing For Accessibility talks, and still coming up against the same excuses. I wanted to write something that could be a go-to for people trying to understand why designing for accessibility was worthwhile. Fingers crossed that… Read more

Designing For Emotion

I bought Designing For Emotion as part of the A Book Apart deal, alongside Mobile First. After listening to Jeffery Zeldman talking about the release of these books with Dan Benjamin on The Big Web Show, and hearing how they were perfect books to read before a redesign (my site is in a constant state… Read more

Labels in input fields aren’t such a good idea

There’s something that’s been bothering me lately. It seems to be some kind of form interface trend where the labels for text inputs are placed inside the fields themselves. Example: There might be some pros Admittedly, this makes an interface slicker. It saves space where you’d usually have a label, then some padding, then the… Read more

WordPress 3.0 Part 3—Theme Development and the Design

This post has three parts. This is part three. Visit the other parts below: Part 1: WordPress 3.0—Pre 3.0 and Beyond Part 2: WordPress 3.0—Really WordPress 3.0 Easier for theme developers to make it easy for users The following WordPress 3.0 features really make it easier for the big-time theme developers who create highly customisable themes.… Read more

Open In A New Window

I’ve been working with a client who wants every external link on their site to open in a new window. They dislike the idea of users leaving their site for somebody else’s and not being able to find their way back. I understand their concern. I really do. It seems like a perfectly rational feeling… Read more