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My 2014

Well, things didn’t slow down in 2014! So much so that I didn’t manage to write this post yesterday. In 2014 I spoke at 8 events in 4 countries, and worked with 11 clients on 15 projects before starting work full time with Ind.ie in August. I wrote a lot more, with regular slots on… Read more

Unfinished Business 81 and 82

I was so busy last week that I forgot to post about Unfinished Business episode 81: Do you have a dinosaur onesie? This week, Ashley and I recorded episode 82: Love a good pep talk. It’s been a fun few weeks. It’s been interesting how a lot of people have said that Ashley and I… Read more

Unfinished Business 72: Big Bad Boy Breakfast Bap

This week’s episode of Unfinished Business was great fun to record. After my recent move to working on Indie Phone, alongside my boyfriend Aral Balkan, I was curious to know how Andy and Sue have worked so well together since the beginning of Stuff and Nonsense. I sent Sue some questions, which she answered and… Read more

April’s Pastry Box thought on writing

I was slow to post about my April Pastry Box post as my realign got in the way. It was really a little insecure thought about how my writing and thinking is improving, but I’m finding it hard.

Unfinished Business #64

On Friday I was a guest on the Unfinished Business podcast again. It was a special episode as Rachel Andrew was also a guest (yeah, I designed her site!) I don’t like to go on about stuff like this too often, but if you’d told 21 year old me (7 years ago) that I’d be… Read more

Writing on The Pastry Box and my first post on ethics

Today is the day my first “thought” of the year is published on The Pastry Box. When Alex asked me if I wanted to be a part of The Pastry Box project, I leapt at the chance. There are some fantastic people who have contributed such interesting thoughts and ideas over there in the last… Read more

I love this pen

It’s a J Herbin metal pen. It’s a rollerball but it takes any standard ink cartridge. I use it with the J Herbin ink cartridges as they come in loads of different colours and packaged in cute little tins. It’s taken me years to find my ideal pen. I have small hands so I need… Read more

A List Apart column and first post on Good Designers, Good Clients

This week the first post was published on my A List Apart column. It’s a very exciting thing for me. I’ve been reading A List Apart since I started learning about the web and loads of people I admire have written there. It’s good fun and a proper challenge having an editor working with me. I’ve… Read more

Ladies In Tech

A while ago, Jeremy Keith introduced me to ladiesintech.com, suggesting that it might be something that’d interest me. After having a chat with the lovely Jenn Lukas over email, I had a story that I wanted to share about my adventures in speaking, and Jenn has now helped me share it on the site. This… Read more

Design work is 50% visual, 50% justification

After I finished my last post about Design Tips for Developers, it really struck me how much I wrote to justify my design. I wasn’t just writing tips saying “do this, it’s good“, “don’t do this, it’s bad.” I put time and effort into explaining why I made these decisions and why I didn’t do it another way.… Read more