What I don’t do

Hosting and domain names

I prefer my clients to register their own domain names and purchase their own web hosting. I’m not an expert in domain management or hosting but if you’re looking for someone who is, I may be able to ask around and recommend somebody to you.

Ongoing website maintenance

Most often I create WordPress themes or Perch-based solutions for my clients as they both provide a way for you to update your own website easily in the future. If I think your project is likely to need ongoing maintenance, I’m likely to recommend these solutions.

Development-only solutions

Although I pride myself in high-quality development, I use this to support my design work so do not offer any development work without design.

“Silent Subcontracting”

I’d love to have more relationships with agencies, but I like to ensure that I have a collaborative relationship where I have direct contact with the client. I wrote more about “silent subcontracting” in my column on A List Apart.

Working for your company full time

You’d be amazed how often I get asked to join companies full time. I don’t doubt that your company is great and your project is the best, but I love being freelance and working for myself.