Who I work with


I love the relationships that come out of working with individuals. I can take the time to get to know you and what you love doing. I can offer you advice if you need it and I’ll always recommend the best way to help you rather than the best way to line my pockets.

Small businesses

Independent and personal is what I am, so I love working with businesses like me. It’s great being an individual but I’m happy to slot in with your team and help make up the necessary skills to make a project great.


I’m not made for back-end and database development. You’re not made for design. We’re made for each other. I know a lot about standards-based and good practice front-end development so I hope my designs delight rather than infuriate!


I understand that budgets are the biggest hurdle for most startups. I can help devise a plan where I can deliver useful designs that suit your budget. I’m flexible so I’m happy to just do visual design if you’ve got the developers, or help you with planning the design and development if you’re a business-headed person.

Anybody else

Even though I specialise in the small, I’m happy to work with anybody. Bureaucracy and endless legal documents aren’t my style. I like to be friendly, do everything in plain English and keep things relatively informal. If fun times and easy living suit you too, please get in touch!