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I do quite a bit of work with the lovely people at Code For The People. They do WordPress in a big way. And I love WordPress, I love that something open source has become so big, and I love how it’s not run by a big evil corporation (like most things on the web seem to be these days…)

WP Cycling

When Simon D of Code For The People asked me if I fancied designing a cycling kit for people that love WordPress, I thought it’d be great fun. As Simon says on the Project WP Cycling site:

I’d had enough of cycling around, dressed as an advertising billboard. If I was going to wear a logo, it was going to be for something I believed in.

We wanted to aim for a design that looked more sophisticated than official kits which are completely plastered with sponsor logos. We were aiming for something more sophisticated and distinctly WordPress-y. The colours are all based on the official WordPress colours, and we’ve used the official logos and typeface. We’ve also got approval from the WordPress Foundation.

Fantasy kit, a work in progress

This is a bit of a fantasy design. Obviously I don’t usually design clothing and this could be tricky to reproduce in reality. We’re going to work with the manufacturers to develop it into something that works.

WP cycle kit front and sides (work in progress)

WP cycle kit front and sides (work in progress)

WP cycle kit rear and sides (work in progress)

WP cycle kit rear and sides (work in progress)


Want one?

If this looks like your kind of kit, do get over to the Project WP Cycling site and fill out the form. Simon has more information about type of kit and manufacturing.

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