A few weeks ago I was asked to create a playlist of ten songs for Nate, Bobby and Jamie sent me an email with the premise:

Our idea is to to add value to digital playlists through personal stories and inspirational music. We’re totally genre agnostic and we don’t judge (honest!), we can find inspiration in the most unlikely of places sometimes, so we encourage our curators not to hold back. If theres a story to it we want to hear it.

Music is, like it is to many people, a big part of my life. Listening to music together has always been a family activity, and with such a big family, we all developed very critical opinions of each others’ tastes. My dad taught us that it doesn’t matter if your taste in music isn’t “cool”, so I went very non-mainstream in my teens and haven’t looked back.

My playlist is semi-chronological and describes the context of the music in my life, as I went from enjoying what my dad shared with us, to developing my own very particular taste. I’ve explained why I love the music, the band or just that song.

I also created a Spotify playlist of these tracks if you want to just get down to listening. presents Laura Kalbag

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