Design theory for the web, a workshop

Here’s a slightly scary thing: I’m doing my first solo workshop on the 11th October 2013 in Barnsley.

I often get asked about the best way to “learn design”, and I usually say that you learn by doing and you learn by watching how others do it. In this workshop, I want to give new designers, developers, and anybody else wanting to learn how to design for the web, a good foundation with five primers, a bit of doing and a bit of watching.

It’s a low-cost workshop. The early bird tickets are just £125, and the full-price tickets are just £165. Fancy joining me for the day? Grab a ticket from the makedo site.

The Digital Barn 3 workshops - Design theory for the web


  1. Good luck on your first solo workshop, although I’m sure you’ll be great at it. One thing, how suitable is this for a developer who’s looking to understand more about design? I don’t have much of a design background at all, mostly a server-side developer.
    • Thanks Neil :) It’s absolutely aimed at developers and beginners who are new to designing for the web. More experienced designers might pick up some tips and tricks, but my main focus is the beginners.

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