06 December 2019 17:49 UTC

Yes Facebook, I’d love to celebrate my friendship with my dead relative!!! Thanks for reminding me!!!

Fuck this hollow engagement-hungry surveillance capitalism.

I’ve covered this in many of my talks. I don’t interact on Facebook, I barely login, but I’m privileged that I don’t require it for community/work/family/my kids’ school.

Nowadays you don’t need to login, many sites/apps/shops send your info back to Facebook anyway. You needn’t join because Facebook has shadow profiles provided by your contacts.

We shouldn’t waste time, or distract from the cause of the problem, trying to shame or police people who are on Facebook. That ire should be directed at Facebook.

It should be aimed at regulating and limiting the harms of Facebook. And creating sustainable rights-respecting alternatives to the functions Facebook provides.

Posted to Twitter on 6 December 2019.