Photography on manual: 3 –; Day One at re:publica

This week, the team are at re:publica in Berlin, so I’m getting lots of opportunities to take photos that aren’t just of the dog!

Sign for re:publica event, stage one

re:publica in Berlin

A projected luminous anti-gun symbol on a floor

**Projection.** A very abstract photo.

Big hallway with lots of seats and a stage at one end. A few people in the distance.

**STG-1 (Stage 1) at re:publica.** A fairly dark location, lit very strongly at one end. I managed to get a blurry walking man against it all.

Close up photo of Aral Balkan

**Close up Aral.** Chopped the top of his head off, and he’s a bit coloured by the red light. I’m pleased I managed to get his face in focus, though it’s stronger around his mouth, whereas I guess the eyes is where we should be aiming for sharpness?

Photo of two women speaking on stage from behind the heads of two audience members

**Between heads.** It’s not the most interesting shot, but I was pleased to get an in-focus photo between the heads in front of me.

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