Podcasts, February 2018

In February, there were two podcasts released featuring interviews with me! Both focused on ethical design and privacy.


CodeNewbie Season 3 Episode 4: What should developers know about online privacy? with Laura Kalbag

CodeNewbie is a fantastic podcast by Saron Yitbarek featuring interviews that introduce topics to people who are new to coding. You can find the podcast on the CodeNewbie site along with a full transcript. One note is that I am continually muddling up the GDPR acronym, calling the GDPR the “General Directive Privacy Regulation” when it is actually “General Data Protection Regulation.” Ugh, acronyms…

Digital Mindfulness

Digital Mindfulness #96 Ethical Data & Design with Laura Kalbag

Digital Mindfulness is a podcast by Lawrence Ampofo looking at “digital experiences that focus on time well spent.” As I mentioned to Lawrence, I do not agree with a lot of the work in this area (see addendum below), so it made for an interesting interview which disagrees with many of the podcast’s previous guests. You can find the podcast on the Digital Mindfulness site.


Six hours later…

Yesterday Aral sent me a link to an article: ‘Be Wary of Silicon Valley’s Guilty Conscience: on The Center for Humane Technology’. Upon reading it today, I realised this perfectly summarises why I take issue with the previous guests on the Digital Mindfulness podcast. (And in a far more eloquent and coherent manner than I could ever muster.)

“The [Center For Humane Technology] senses that there is anger in the air towards the big tech companies, and it pulls a clever bait and switch by acknowledging that there is a problem but then insisting that the people who caused the problem can be trusted to fix it.”

I recommend you read the full article on the LibrarianShipwreck site.

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