Speaking at KiwiParty in Strasbourg

On the 13th of June, I’m speaking at KiwiParty in Strasbourg. I’ll be speaking about web accessibility.

It’ll be my first conference in France and I’ll be trying to remember my French from AS Level ten years ago! I won’t be giving my talk in my terrible French, but if you’re coming along, please find me and test my conversational French. Especially if you want a good laugh!

KiwiParty Vendredi 13 juin 2014

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  1. Hey Laura, It’s great that you’re coming to Strasbourg. It’s a lovely city and you’ll love it (that’s for sure). I hope I can be at the KiwiParty, but anyway, if you want a guide to walk you through the city (or want to grab a beer/coffee) don’t hesitate to give me a sign :) See you on the 13th of June.

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