Thunder Nerds Podcast

On Saturday evening, I had a lovely chat with Jenell Pizarro, Brian Hinton and Frederick Philip Von Weiss for their Thunder Nerds podcast. You can watch the video or listen to the audio on the Thunder Nerds site.

After seeing their impressive previous guest list, and listening to a couple of their recent shows, I was excited to chat to such friendly and enthusiastic folks. We covered a whole lot of topics, including privacy, business models and accessibility. I always worry that I ramble a bit on podcasts like this, but Jenell, Brian and Frederick were very kind and held a fun discussion.

I’ll definitely be listening to their back catalogue, and keeping an ear out for their new guests in the future.

Screenshot of the video showing me in my spare room talking into a microphone with the three hosts’ video feeds visible in the corner.

If you watch the whole video, you can see me slowly descend into darkness as the sun sets…

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