Unfinished Business #64

On Friday I was a guest on the Unfinished Business podcast again. It was a special episode as Rachel Andrew was also a guest (yeah, I designed her site!) I don’t like to go on about stuff like this too often, but if you’d told 21 year old me (7 years ago) that I’d be appearing on a podcast with Andy Clarke and Rachel Andrew, it would’ve blown my mind. They’re two very lovely people whose writing helped me learn about, and become so excited about, the web.

The show is focused around the closure of Five Simple Steps, the great publishers of web-themed books, last week. I’ve never written a book, and have only recently started writing much, so I learned a lot from Andy and Rachel as seasoned writers (and ex-Five Simple Steps authors).

Andrew Clarke & guests have Unfinished Business - A weekly discussion show about the business end, the sharp end of web, design and creative industries.

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