Unfinished Business 72: Big Bad Boy Breakfast Bap

This week’s episode of Unfinished Business was great fun to record. After my recent move to working on Indie Phone, alongside my boyfriend Aral Balkan, I was curious to know how Andy and Sue have worked so well together since the beginning of Stuff and Nonsense.

I sent Sue some questions, which she answered and sent back to me, without Andy seeing the answers. During the show, I asked Andy about his thoughts and read Sue’s answers. Andy’s posted the full list of questions and Sue’s answers on the Stuff and Nonsense blog. After hearing so many stories about Stuff and Nonsense on Unfinished Business, I was expecting some funny answers. I wasn’t disappointed, but I was also struck about how kind, thoughtful and caring Andy and Sue are in their working relationship. That must be their secret to working together for so long!

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