Unfinished Business 89: Burger in donut

Last week’s episode of Unfinished Business was a very different discussion from the usual. Andy and I talked about his fantastic idea for Geek Mental Help week (October 27th onwards) and how so many people in our industry are affected by mental health issues. I’ll definitely be writing a post for Geek Mental Help Week, and I hope you will too! I’m sure you’ll be able to find out the latest about Geek Mental Help Week from the Twitter account @geekmentalhelp.

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  1. I think Geek Mental Help week sounds like a brilliant innovation! As a sufferer of several job-related mental health issues myself (I think being a lone lady in a STEM department attracts them), I would be delighted to share and learn! I’d love to know how to contribute.
    • <3 I’m sure others would love to hear from you (I certainly would!) Andy Clarke recently wrote an article on exactly [How can you contribute to Geek Mental Health Week](https://stuffandnonsense.co.uk/blog/about/how-can-you-contribute-to-geek-mental-help-week" rel="nofollow).
      • Aw! Thank you, Laura! Thanks for sharing the link, too, and for all the great work you are doing. Kudos.

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